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Someone sent me a link to a woman selling or advertising Obeah products. The woman is African American and has a very pleasant personality making her video interesting to watch. I believe she specializes in powders and told would-be customers how to use this or that powder for good or bad. She also said that if people have carpets in their homes or businesses it is perfect for sprinkling the powders.

For all the powder sprinkling Obeah workers, this is true.

This is why I often advise those close to me to avoid using carpets in their homes or business places. Powder on carpet can blend in or become well hidden also it is absorbed into layers of the carpet, so even when cleaned, the work remains potent, if the powder is potent. However, just buying a powder and sprinkling the power for it to take effect is not Obeah work in the real sense, as in real with craft, (this is different from a practitioner making the powder for you and for a specific reason). It’s actually silly. It would be like buying one ingredient to cook a meal. There’s always more to spirituality – be it tool, action, words, reason, or all of the above.

Most often many people find themselves attracted to spiritual work for the sake of power (others will fear them) or profit. Unfortunately, there are more of these out there than anything. But there are consequences for the electrician who touches two wires together without any true knowledge of the outcome, abi?

Obeah work is not something you fool around with just because. It can affect you and yours most certainly in many areas of your life.

A dear student of mine bought some tarot cards and wanted to use them as practice for her own self. I cautioned her. Not because they’re sold in shops with no warnings does not mean there is no potential for danger. When any oracle is opened, a door to the invisible realm is also opened. What comes through that door, one must know and be certain. Also how does one close a door to a world one can not see? Be patient, seekers.

There are some people who are just beginning their practice who are being guided by their guides to do things that may seem strange to others, but they will work. Everything in life has an example to learn from.

An on-becoming spiritualist (a practical one) who has received a gift and now begins to put it in practice will have a number of guides, non-physical teachers, who want to aid this newbie on his or her path. It does not matter if he or she grew up in the Obeah man’s yard or grew with dem granny who taught them. When they begin their own practice, they now have their own path to walk, which they will choose.

For example, if Granny chose the so called “good” road, meaning she only helped folks and not hinder them, the apprentice, after she has become independent and has began her own practice, may follow in granny’s footsteps (in the good road choice), or may want to walk the so called “bad” (de excitement) road.

When her practice is set up, she will know that she has her own “crew” (set ah duppy, or spiritual guides) around her to carry out the work or to advise her as Tyrion did when he was the Hand to King Joffery, (any Games of Thrones fans here?)

They (the spiritual guides) being wiser than her, will know that she is mere human and will now have to give her the confidence they know she will need in her work. (It’s funny that many who are born with it tend to lack confidence, but those without it are very proud of themselves). In assisting her, the Spirit Guides also evolve to light, their assistance is a duty.

If she is humble, has no ego, unwilling to do this work (not seeking power), coward or even doubtful, she will learn better and become powerful. A power she will never admit to or even own, of this I am sure. But if she has ego, rage, is power filled or power hungry, narcissistic, or any other mental problem, her guides will teach her, but she will never perfect her craft. She may never know this, too blinded by her faults to see it and most definitely she will have to come back to the world to do it all over again. Not because of the road she walked, but because of her flawed spirit. Ego and spirituality is like oil and water. If you are an aspirant you must first experience death of the ego and know and accept that you are forever a student.

To give her the confidence she needs to embark on her journey as a practical spiritualist, they will allow her work to manifest, even if she got it wrong. Please know that all people who practice the art and craft of Obeah or who are traditionalists are really interpreters. They are connected, in a great way, to the invisible world/realms, and is able to communicate to non-physicals through oracle, whether the oracle is themselves (some people, like myself, do not need instruments to divine) or any other thing. Their vibration has been risen so they can see and hear from the unseen world thus making them separate and apart from regular living beings who do not have this ability.

So now that she has began her work, they will tell her what to do for a client, but it is up to her to interpret what she has heard  properly (let me use this opportunity to tell you that the practical spiritualist and the practical traditionalist both work differently).

The practical traditionalist (of any tradition) is initiated into the sacred arts handed down from ancient times through their lineage. His or her work is structured down to a science, like baking a cake, everything has its own component to it. It is intricate, complex, and systematized in every way as it relates to humans, nature, the universe and all things within. The traditionalist knows the ins and outs of their tradition, because it is exactly that, a ‘tradition’. If they work with nature, they would have perfected the art of communicating with it. A tradition is a way of life that can not change.

The practical spiritualist’s (especially the Obeah man) work is not as structured, though like the traditionalist, the work is most often handed down to them. The Obeah man’s work is comprised of all and everything spiritual or of the unseen world. They hear from everyone, they communicate with everyone, they get to choose which spirits they work with. They even have the opportunity to work, if they dare, with “everyone” (meaning any spirit who approaches them); although this is a dangerous thing to do and it comes with many repercussions. But no one is beholden to none where Obeah or practical spirituality is concerned. Put simply, the relationship between an Obeah man and a spirit is contractual. Once the deed is done, the spirit can do as he pleases unless given another contract that it accepts.

However, the idea of “working with everyone” means even working with earth bound/wayward spirits who look for work. These spirits are rogues and not bound by universal rules. No matter what, humans and spirits alike continue to seek evolution. The waywards continue to seek light, bounded by rules or not, and to do this they will support the spiritualist (a human host) if she allows them. But if they are not bound by any rules, this leaves the spiritualist open to many things, if he is ready for such a risk. So for the practical spiritualist, although he or she may have their workers already assigned to them, these derelicts will come.

Her guides will whisper in her ear something to do for the client. If she interprets the work wrong and deviates from what is told, because she is new at this, the Spirit Guides will ensure the work goes through. This will happen for a time and will boost her confidence in her work. However, if she fails to become a better interpreter, then she begins to see her work fail.

All spiritual work depends upon intent, but only if it was so easy. There is no work that will not take incantation and you better know what to say. Incantation is even within the Christian’s bible:

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.”

…”And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.”

Genesis, Chapter 1


No one knows what happened in the beginning, but someone knew that intent and command goes together. It is command that gives light to intent, the word. Yet there is danger within this if it is not done correctly. Mere words cannot calm the winds or gentle the sea, there are other components to this. A ritual perhaps, a recipe?

Selling commanding oil in a shop will not make me do what you say if you tell me to jump. However, if I use just water and with the right words, time, setting etc. I could tell you to jump like a kangaroo for all your days and you would hop obligingly.

Spirituality is mysterious. The craft is beautiful if you have the knowledge of it. It is not everyone who says Abracadabra! understands it.

Obara Meji


Orí bíbẹ́, kọ́ ni oògùn orí fífọ́. / 
Decapitation is not the antidote for headache – Yoruba Proverb

[Adopt radical solutions with caution.]

Bí inú ṣe lè bí àjànàkú, ló ṣe lè bí èèrà. /
If the elephant can be angry, so can the ant.

[What’s good for one, should be good for another.]




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1 year ago

Thanks obara Meji you are indeed a blessing to our generation. well here in Nigeria, there are some sickness which the doctors can not cure, some people will refer you to traditional/spiritual means. I remember when my father tells us how he was beaten by a snake, he wasn’t taken to the hospital but was cured by an herbalist (jassman). All of this was done by spiritual knowledge, I wonder why we do not pass it the next generation. I remember when my father narrated how her little sister was healed from “convulsion” to by this means. He says that… Read more »

2 years ago

Everything you have said is do true,we must have faith and believing in ourselves

3 years ago

Hello Ma and greetings to my ES family.
I have a question. What is your definition of the ego and how does one experience the death of the ego? It seems that the death of the ego is what brings about true enlightenment.

3 years ago

You’re a beautiful soul Obara. I pray to meet you one day.

3 years ago

Good morning mums and es family. Mums I have to big u up because you are a walking, talking Obeah Encyclopedia! As you were likening spirituality and ego to oil and water I immediately thought about your stories of your early days of you flinging bottle in the middle of the street. If you had and ego you would never be able to get over the trials you have or let your students know what to look for. A lot of times we let our ego get in the way of our greatness. Afraid of how things will look should… Read more »

Lover of light
3 years ago

Obara Thanks for the this eye opening post.
I finally understand now.

Intellectual Bhutu
3 years ago


Me inna di front ah di class because of tideh topic. So, I’m wondering causen seh the path of the traditionalist is more structured/rigid. Does that make it “safer” and/or less effective than the work of the spiritualist?

When ah Obeah man sen smady guh shop fi buy oil ah dis an oil ah dat, dem nuh can “fix” it even virtually fi it work? Or is it that the concoction must always be prepared by the spiritualist (incantation etc) for it to take full effect?

Intellectual Bhutu
3 years ago
Reply to  Obara Meji

Crystal clear.

3 years ago

Greeting Obara thanks for the insight.
So dem oil deh weh dem a sell it nuh work like dat it have to activate. When people say them get bathe it has to be prepared specifically for the reason they went for a nuh jus any bathe can help oh me see now. Thanks for the knowledge. Blessings pon u Ms. Obara

3 years ago
Reply to  Obara Meji

Mi say me thank God fi the day me a research and buk up pon u blog enuh. The things me learn from u so far plus mi spirit tek u. Traditionalist know the trade so it would be the better way to effectively get rid of whatever problem. But Ms. Obara u know ppl scam ppl seh dem can do things n can do nothing. Look pon the pastor weh say him burn o obeah and a work it and nuh know lol mi deh a grung and some a dem knowingly borrow ppl obeah and come a church… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  Obara Meji

Well explained Ms. Obara I notice u don’t discredit no one u speak it as it is or make corrections.

3 years ago

Excellent post, Obara! Even with water, a true spiritual worker provides the best advise and guidance. Blessings!

3 years ago

Enlightening as usual. Thx for ur expert perspective.

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