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The Medium – How Do Oracles (Divinations) Work?

There was a woman that I once knew earlier on in life (we will call her Sister Justine) that used to attend Jamaican Zion (spiritual) churches. People used to come to the church on Sunday, hoping that she would be there, so that when the Spirit came down, it would inhabit her body, allowing her to start speaking in tongues and calling out everybody’s business. Those times when I attended the church, and because I love to laugh, inwardly and sometimes outwardly, it was all a joke to me.

Because here were all of these mostly elderly people enthralled by this particular woman speaking in tongues, rolling her eyes, rocking her body, speaking languages, with one or two “His underpants are buried in the cemetery!” English words peeking through.

It’s natural that most people like gossip, and I realize that Sunday after Sunday, this woman, while speaking in tongues that no one understood, would let loose gossip in the few English words that she would slip in. So Sister Billings had Pastor Mulling’s name wrapped up in her shoes, and this was why Pastor Mullings, in her normal life, could not move up in her work (because Sister Billings was standing up on her).

Or young Sister Rose’s pregnancy really did not belong to her husband Brother Henry, it really belonged to Deacon McBride. And Brother Henry’s underpants was also buried in a cemetery, hence the marriage to Sister Rose that we all attended the other day.

All of this was sprinkled in Sister Justine’s “tongues”.

However, one day something happened to Sister Justine. She had 5 children, some boys and some girls. But one of the daughters looked just like Ghangis Khan. No joke. A striking image!

I wondered about that… and eventually found out that when Sister Justine was pregnant with this particular child, she would walk from church to church, falling into Spirit and giving her messages, pulling in the crowd. But one day there was a particular church that she went to, where she fell on the Pastor’s “sealed ground”.

Pause: A “sealed ground” is a ritualistically prepared ground, which was common in Zion churches. In Zion, there is a particular thing that happens where a person can “tek grung”. This means that the Spirit has fell the person onto the sealed ground, so that the person can “pick up” their messages from the ground and travel in spirit to different “cities” (realms). However, this is supposed to happen naturally, but there are those who can fake it, not realizing it can be a very detrimental thing, especially if the ground is properly prepared.

That Pastor was known to work with Asian spirits, so when he got into Spirit he would speak any type of Asiatic language, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese etc. So obviously his order was an Asian order, though this was a Jamaican Zion church.

But because Sister Justine was never really in spirit, she was just a gossip who enjoyed the limelight, when she fell on the Pastor’s sealed ground, a transference of energy occurred, which did not affect the fetus at that time. However, she picked up energies (spirits) that now began to walk with her and would later meet the baby at the birthing table, hence the child looking like Ghangis Khan, despite having two black parents who had no Asian in their lineage.

As the child grew, she began to act very masculine, and to this day, she wears Wranglers and Cowboy boots, with a shaved head, smoking cigars… looking like Ghangis Khan.

A transference of energy occurred when Sister Justine fell on that Pastor’s sealed ground. But what kind of energy was this? The Pastor, himself, was an effeminate man who engaged in his own *whispers* secret dealings

And behind his back Jamaican people called him Pastor Ping Ling because when he was in Spirit, he moved… like a Geisha girl. (To Jamaican people, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, are no different).

Sister Justine’s fraudulent Mediumship had its consequences because she picked up what did not belong to her, and to this day, she is not able to understand the source of the problem.

According to the Britannica’s definition of an Oracle, an oracle is described as “a person who has a lot of knowledge about something and whose opinions and advice are highly valued”.

This was what Sister Justine was posing to be, but this post is about how Oracles work. Yes, every time you receive a divination, every time you are approached by a seer or prophet on the street, every time you sit across a diviner, you have come in contact with an Oracle. However, despite millions of Sister Justines in the world, there are true Divine Oracles.

This is how it works…

In Ancient times, oracles were very important to every community throughout the world. The Oracle, back then, were different from what we now know as divining tools. The Oracle, then, were human beings, most especially, women.

But there had to be a purity among the chosen ones, such as children, virgins, or initiates who lived purely spiritual, moral, and upright lives. These were often times pre-requisites for the Oracle who were either chosen by a sect of Priests, born into a lineage of Oracles, or another more delightful way of being chosen, is to be grabbed by the Spirit, which still happens today as we speak.

There are now modern terms that are most often used for Oracles and one of the most common is that of a Medium. However, when one hears the word Medium, the mind often imagines a woman sitting at a round table in a black frock surrounded by candles, touching fingers with other participants, chanting for spirits (usually spirits of the dead) to come and inhabit her body and speak through her.

These sets of Mediums are often ridiculed and not respected by Occultists, who, in their conclaves, or perhaps in their books, openly ridicule the Madam who calls upon the dead. And then there was the movie Ghost which depicted Whoopi Goldberg as a Medium and a barrage of ghosts standing in line waiting to inhabit her body and speak through her. Comical as it was, I believe it made a mockery of those who truly possess a gift of being a mediator between the human world and the spirit world.

The ridicule done by Occultists, who are knowledgable, I must say I do understand. For there are those (like Sister Justine) who attempt, without a natural understanding of this world or the spiritual world, while trying to gain powers or seem powerful to others, will assume the role of Medium, opening up themselves to be used by entities to convey messages to the human world.

But the problem with these Mediums is that most often they do not know who or what they are entertaining. Who do they allow to inhabit their body?

Some people may say, “Well I went to a Medium and she did call up my brother Frank,” and perhaps that is true, because there are true Mediums, though they are very few and far between.

But there are spirits that can imitate the deceased brother Frank, because while in their invisible form, these trickster spirits will “read” Frank through the sister’s own memory and knowledge of him, and shift into an imitation of Frank. The unknowledgeable Medium will then deliver imposter-Franks messages to the sister, not realizing that they are opening the door to the manifestation of negative occurrences that would have never been a possibility had it not been for the utterance.

Unbeknownst to this kind of Medium, because she is used to invoking or calling upon spirits to come and speak through her, and because she picked up this work on her own (not called, grabbed, or trained by Non-Physical teachers) and because she has declared herself a Medium or Diviner, she does not know that like the scent of a flower attracts a bee, she sends out an invisible aroma, attracting to her gross, malevolent, energies, and like moths to a flame, they are drawn to her, seeking to use her for whatever they wish to attain within their Non-Physical world (which is light), while giving to her the impression of power.

Now there are the Mediums that are true. However, their life is not normally sweet, because the life of a true spiritualist is often times troubled and filled with challenges and struggles. Why is this? Because they are the burden bearers. They are the village lawyers. They are the community healers. The ones who feel the pain when it leaves the patient that is now cured. They are the ones that are simply dressed, blending in with the crowd, and sitting alone in a crowded room. For they dare not boast a talent that does not belong to them, but is only a gift loaned to them to serve mankind.

In fact, what sits within the core of their being is always uncertainty. Am I able to assist? Am I up to the task? Is what I am saying to this person the truth?

In other words, a true Medium, a true Diviner, questions himself or even that which speaks to him, in order to be sure that ego is not apart of his life.

An Oracle is as opposed to divining tools that people use to read, such as tarot cards. An Oracle is not a divining tool. It is human consciousness that is vibrating at a high frequency outside of human existence within this Earth plane. A person who is deemed an Oracle has been chosen before they entered the mother’s womb, to come into this Earth realm to do this job.

However, in ancient times, a priest would know when a family lineage has birthed Oracle, because Nature would have given sign to them that an Oracle was to come. And often, an Oracle would come in to a particular community when the present one(s) were ready to leave (though they may not know each other at all). In modern times, because priestly settings have been disrupted through modernization and stigmas, Oracles are around but they have a hell of a time waking up to their true selves.

They would have to unlearn all that they had learned, which is a jarring and torturous experience, and if they fail to overcome the unlearning process, they are then pulled back to where they came from, and another Oracle is sent in. In other words, the disobedient Oracle may transition (die) or experience, most often, a mental breakdown, and someone else in the family, or in the community, will then fall pregnant.

But when it comes to how Oracles actually work…

We all have auric fields that encase our physical bodies and they are a spectrum of many different colors. Some of us, our auric field, are exceedingly bright and gives off a sound resonance that only certain people can hear, but not with physical ears. Everything within the Cosmological world vibrates, and also within our world because we are connected to that world. However, talented Oracles, chosen ones, are able to hear the frequencies and to see the auric field of others and to tune in to everyone’s vibratory expression and have it translated for them to regurgitate.

In other words, let’s say Mitsy and John meet in a supermarket. Mitsy is a Medium, an Oracle, and unbeknownst to her (her physical self), her auric field magnetizes and locks into John’s auric field. Sound resonance begins to vibrate between the two… no one hears them, not him or her. But what is happening is that John’s message is being downloaded to Mitsy while she is shopping for food. She does not know this is happening. When the download is complete, an electricity would shoot through Mitsy, and she would feel a strong urge to say something to this stranger.

The words will come spontaneously. There would be no thought in her mind. No voice in her ear. Just a sudden burst of knowledge that she feels must be uttered, whether or not John accepts the message.

And then Mitsy will go to her car or take a walk home, and regardless of the message she delivered, there will be either a wave of sadness over her, a feeling of relief, or wonderment. She may have an urge to cry, to be alone, or something else. The reason for this is that Mitsy is not an ordinary being, but one who was born to serve humanity through her Mediumship. The message itself, whether positive or negative, is a burden, and even after passing it, the weight is left with her.

Oracles do not require divining tools to divine because they, themselves, are the divining tool. However, tools such as tarot cards, give only a sense of focus, not only for the diviner but and mainly for the querent. When used properly, the divining tool also aids in locking the Diviner and Querent into a particular field where only they exist, like a time warp. In order for divination to happen, a particular harmony is necessary between both Diviner and Querent. The querent is usually thinking 10,000 things. Is Donovan cheating on her? Did she turn the stove off? Will she have another child? Will she get the job? The human mind is a whirlwind of chaos.

But the vibration of this mind is what the Diviner will tap into. However, when the divining tool is opened in front of the querent, when the tarot is shuffled and laid out, when the ikins are “beaten” in the palms, or the chanting begins, or the pendulum swings, something new happens. The mind of the Querent finds fascination, like a child, with the theatrics. So what have we achieved?


More to explain, but I have already cut out a lot of this post as it is. But for those hungry seekers seeking knowledge can join the coming Community Forum.

Til we meet again,

Obara Meji

“Invoke not the self-revealing image of Nature (divine), for you must not behold these things before your body has received the initiation.”

Greek Oracles

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8 days ago

Great post with lots of good information! Love that this one was a bit longer as well. Looking forward to what’s to come with the forum.
Question. Do true oracles pass on messages from the dead? Or is it mostly a direct download from Spirit

Jojo Queen
11 days ago

Greetings teacher, another great post. one I have been waiting for thank you.

12 days ago

Thank you ma’am Obara for another insightful post, I do meet strangers and almost immediately I’m pushed to say a lot to the person, sometimes it’s scary and I stop myself from talking. Initially I divine with water but now I hardly use divination tools

12 days ago

Great Post! So this kind of confirm something I can related to in terms of seeing a medium/ reader energy sapped. When I was young (teenager) I had a couple connections with a reader in Old Harbour who would only do readings like 2 days a week as he said it would sap his energy. He was obviously empathic and absorbed energy from those who seeked his help. He passed on a few short years after I met him and I thank him for his help while he was in this realm. The story is he went to England to… Read more »

12 days ago

This was a very interesting post. That I found to be pack with a lot of information that I never know before about Oracles. I can’t wait till you do a continues of this post. A lot to learn from.

Thank you Obara for being a true and real at the work you do…..

13 days ago

Momma Obara, I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Thanks for the insightful breakdown of how Oracles work and the true meaning behind being an Oracle. The statement that “their life is not normally sweet, because the life of a true spiritualist is frequently troubled and filled with challenges and struggles” particularly struck me. This highlights the profound sacrifices Oracles make. They are the burden bearers, the village lawyers, and the community healers. They feel the pain when it leaves the patient, that is now cured, a testament to their deep empathy and commitment. Obara, after reading your blogs and seeing the… Read more »

12 days ago
Reply to  Obara Meji


13 days ago

Greetings, all.

Lots of meat on the bone as they say. I had to read it a few times.

I for one, will love your long read, Obara 🙂

Thank you for sharing these nuggets of wisdom. May your well of wisdom keep overflowing. Ase

Peace and Love.

13 days ago

I have been looking forward to this post
I appreciate your great works.
I have some questions:
Can those who gets visions and messages about people in dreams also be classified as oracle or mediums?

Concerning the the shift that is happening for us to enter the new earth, would there be such a thing like the new heaven to take place as mentioned in the Christian bible?

Ayo Odunaike
Ayo Odunaike
14 days ago

Thank you Ma. Looking forward to the next message.

14 days ago

I value your work and your posts so much.

14 days ago

Since we’re on the topic of Oracles, I must tell a short story. One morning, I wake up from a ‘dream’ of a Medium woman( someone I know in reality who read me) told me plain and straight, “ you have a good husband coming to you”, and I begged her to tell me more about this ‘good husband’, and she said, “NO!” That same day in the night, the so called ‘good husband’ called me to tell me he’s downstairs, rang my doorbell and entered my apt in full pink and white clothes. Mind you, unconsciously, I wore full… Read more »

Seah Wraye
14 days ago

*undescribable not “undesirable”☺️

Seah Wraye
14 days ago

Thank you Goddess for scribing so precisely that which is also all so undesirable. Thank you for scribing what only a true channel diviner healer could. Asé… AséO✨️✨️

14 days ago

Oriya here as always looking forward to your post very intriguing as usual and always opens up another world of understanding of how the spiritual world works . Even me myself am noticing am becoming more like when i was a child, i know exactly what people or thinking or what going to happen ,the thing is its getting very frequent now these days. However i realize spiritual people have a hard time settling down or finding a partner . Its not easy out here mama obara . The other day i met this beautiful man but i have this… Read more »

14 days ago

Thank you Iya for this insightly read. Gave me a good giggle. Sister Justine and her blabba mout lol. The Greek oracle at the end hits the nail on the head. Force ripe fruit can make you sick. Looking forward to the forum.

13 days ago
Reply to  Obara Meji

Mi nah laugh yuh nuh mi nah laugh! Woah mi belly lolololol

14 days ago

Happy new month ma’am. I’d so much love to join the community forum. Can’t wait for it to be up. I want to learn more, really and I love learning from you. This piece is a very interesting one for me as all the rest. Thank you so much. Love and light.

14 days ago

Hurray Momma, I am the FTC!!!
Another brilliant one. Well done Ma. And thank you very much for always dishing out this spiritual food hot hot!
Happy New Month to you and yours and all ES Family, here.
Pls ma, I am very much interested in joining the community forum. Pls what is the requirement.?
Also, ma’am, kindly indulge me by sending me some love and light from you as I turn 47 on the 13th of June.
Eshe ma.

13 days ago
Reply to  Obara Meji

Amin Oluwa.Thank you so much, Momma. God bless you too.

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